Return to Work Program

Return to Work Program

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Return to Work Program

As previously stated 30% of all working time lost to employee absence is attributable to long-term conditions. The main non-work related health issues that lead to long-term absence are:

  • Mental health issues e.g. stress, anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders

There is evidence that individuals with all these conditions benefit from the support offered by coaching.

The Return to Work Program is a unique and individual coaching package offered for employees who are on long-term sick leave and/or about to return to work following long-term sick leave.

The longer a person is off sick the more difficult it is to return to work. This is partly due to the fears and negative beliefs they build up about the likelihood of their symptoms returning. This program can be used to ensure they return to work before these feelings set in or with these issues resolved.

The coaching sessions offer individuals a safe and secure environment to help them understand their fears and come up with:

  • Coping strategies
  • Techniques to reduce their stress
  • Opportunities to build their confidence
  • Ways to remove blocks and change their self-limiting beliefs
  • Ways to develop a family/work balance

The structure of the program is:

  • Monthly sessions whilst on sick leave preparing them for a confident and smooth return to work
  • Followed by two health check sessions after returning to work, to ensure they don’t return to previous behaviours and thinking styles

Each session will have specific objectives and produce an individual action plan. All discussions will be confidential however a general report can be made to the client and all stakeholders kept involved.

The cost of employee absence (average of £975 per employee year in 2012) is driven up by long-term absence, plus the additional loss of expertise, the effect on staff satisfaction and on business performance. Including this program as part of your absence management you will gain on both the financial and retention sides of the business.

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