10 Signs That Your Employees Lack Confidence

10 Signs That Your Employees Lack Confidence

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Self Confidence TrainingWithin a team of employees there can be individuals who perform at a high standard and achieve success, those that work at a lower level and those who do well but could do even better.

If you have an employee in your team who is performing poorly or not reaching their full potential, how do you know if it is due to lack of confidence, lack of ability or other reasons?

One way is to observe the individual when they are interacting with you and the rest of the team. Look for any of the following signs of low confidence and low self-esteem.

  1. They find find it difficult to make decisions big or small. This is because they don’t trust their own choices and are worried what others will think of their decision
  2. They are oversensitive to yours and others comments, and are taking your words as personal and negative resulting in them being very defensive
  3. They have a fear of anything new and of any change
  4. They procrastinate about starting a project they’re unsure of and making excuses for why they haven’t made any progress
  5. They have a fear of speaking up in meetings or presentations in case others don’t approve of their opinions
  6. They rarely put themselves forward for any extra roles or responsibilities and prefer to stay in their comfort zone
  7. They blame others or the situation when things go wrong, rather than taking responsibility
  8. They are pessimistic and often find negatives in a situation
  9. They put themselves down when talking, even if it comes across as humour
  10. They judge others negatively as this gives them a temporary self-esteem boost

It is possible that your employee may only show one or two of these characteristics of self-doubt or they may show them all. It’s also important to remember that it’s not always the quieter people that have low confidence, sometimes extrovert individuals are using this to cover up their own insecurities.

So if a member of your team is not achieving the results you think they should or could produce, take the time to observe their behaviour and see if it could be a confidence issue.

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10 Signs That Your Employees Lack Confidence

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