Benefits for Businesses

Confidence Building Reduces Stress and Anxiety

shutterstock_217030849Building an employees confidence will help reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and other mental health issues, which also has a knock on effect to musculoskeletal problems. As these are some of the main causes of long term sickness and staff dissatisfaction, by improving confidence you will also see  changes in the following personnel measures:

  • Reduced absence levels
  • Increased retention and lower turnover rates
  • Improved staff satisfaction

The financial effects of these measures on a business have been detailed in two papers[3]  which state that:

  • 71% of firms say “turnover of employees has a negative effect on the organisations performance”
  • The average cost of replacing an employee is £4800 and a manager £7000
  • The average cost of absence per employee was £975 in 2012
  • 30% of working time lost is due to long term illness such as mental health conditions and back pain
  • 22% is due to personal problems such as drink, drugs and relationship issues
  • 12% is due to non genuine sickness absence

An investment in any one of my confidence coaching programs will lead to a financial gain from:

  • Staff having the techniques and belief to be able to build their confidence, which leads to improved performance for them and also for the business
  • Lowering absence levels and improving staff retention, make savings in costs


[3]The CIPD survey of Recruitment, Retention and Turnover (2004) and the QBE Whitepaper on The Cost of Absence

Benefits for Businesses