Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I choose Confidence Coaching for Business?
CCB have a  specialist position in the world of business coaching, as we focus on overcoming employee’s self-doubts and limiting beliefs. They will then have the confidence to achieve a level of personal and team success they hadn’t dared to imagine.

The other key reason to choose CCB is what our clients say about us:

“Jo is an excellent trainer and coach. She combines her in depth knowledge of confidence and goal setting with her unique group techniques to produce fantastic results. Jo has an enthusiastic style that makes any training more memorable and impactful. The feedback from the group after completing her workshop was excellent.”

 Nicholas, Denne Construction

Why coach confidence rather than management or leadership skills?

Confidence coaching is synergistic with leadership and management skills as both help develop self-awareness and potential. However, whatever an employee’s level of competence is without the confidence in their abilities to deliver those skills the individual won’t achieve their success potential.

Success is also more closely linked to confidence than to competence. So to maximise the potential of a team or individual, confidence should be a key focus.

What will my coach provide?
An objective, non-judgemental partner, providing a safe and secure environment for the individual or team to explore the self-doubts that are preventing them from reaching their potential.


  • Raised self-awareness, via coaching and coaching exercises
  • An understanding of the importance of confidence and it’s benefits
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to build self-belief and deal with limiting assumptions
  • Development of a personal confidence style
  • Individual and team goal setting
  • Individual and team action planning
  • A passionate and engaging presentation style of tailor made content

How does it work?
Overall objectives for an individual or team are agreed with the line manager, these are usually in terms of behavioural or attitudinal changes which will produce results for the individual and the business.

The objectives are reviewed and modified as necessary during the process. The discussions with the individual or team however would be confidential with only an agreed overview being reported back to the line manager and stakeholders.

What about the practical arrangements?
Coaching can take place at the employee’s workplace or a mutually agreed location. Coaching of individuals can also be undertaken by Skype or telephone and of groups by webinar.

The number and timing of the sessions is dependent on the issues involved and the employee’s learning style. From experience a minimum of 3 or 4 sessions is required to achieve sustained change.

How much does each programme cost?
As each programme is tailor made to suit the client and their business, individual fees vary and a  full cost proposal would be given once the objectives are agreed.