The No 1 Reason Your Employee Makes A Poor 1st Impression

The No 1 Reason Your Employee Makes A Poor 1st Impression

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shutterstock_236723491Imagine a situation where you’re meeting with a new client and have taken an employee along with you to share their expertise. However the way the employee presents themselves and their attempts to interact with the client make you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they are very shy and it comes over as disinterested or maybe they behave in an arrogant or pushy manner. Not only could this damage the opportunity to work with the new client but it also affects the way people see your brand.

Everyone has their own style of self-presentation, however if an individual or a team working for you is unable to interact confidently or in a way that meets your values then what can you do about it?

You maybe tempted to jump in and tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong and how to put it right. Or perhaps you give them feedback in a more constructive style. Whatever approach you choose to take it’s important to remember that the most common cause of this behaviour is a lack of self confidence and self-esteem. This means that whatever skills and tips you give them, unless they believe in themselves and have the confidence to give it a go their behaviour won’t change.

Build their self-confidence and self-esteem

To get the best out of your team you need to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. We all have a deep emotional need to feel valued and worthwhile and as their boss with the power over their job, feeling important to you is even more valuable. Here are 3 ways to achieve this:

The 3 A’s 

  • To demonstrate that you appreciate them and the things they say and do. This can be just as basic as saying ‘thank you’ regularly. It encourages them to do more things for which they can get a thank you and makes them feel valued
  • As well as showing gratitude, showing approval of what your employees do is important. Praise them in front of others, especially those who are senior and be specific about that praise
  • Most importantly, ensure you give attention to the individual. This means actively listening to them, not interrupting them or cutting them off. We focus attention on things we value so by really listening to your employee they will feel respected and valued

Along side this you can share tips and stories about how you developed your style of making a 1st impression. By building their confidence and sharing skills with them it will produce a greater and more sustained change in behaviour.

Over to you

Have you had to deal with a similar situation and do you have any other ideas to share? I’d love to hear your comments.

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The No 1 Reason Your Employee Makes A Poor 1st Impression

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