Training in Business

Training in Business


Confidence Coaching for Business.  If your employees had confidence in their abilities, ideas and values, what extra success could they achieve?  Building your employees confidence will help reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and other mental health issues, it also has a knock on effect to musculoskeletal problems.  As these are some of the main causes of long term sickness and staff dissatisfaction, by improving confidence you will also see changes in personnel measures, such as ‘reduced absence levels’, ‘increased retention and lower turnover rates’, ‘improved staff satisfaction’.

Training in BusinessDid you know that mental illness is the leading cause of illness in the workplace?  Read more about it here.

We have Training in Business programmes to meet your requirements from Group Confidence Coaching, Individual Coaching and a Return to Work Programme.  Our unique ‘Confidence is a Choice Presentation‘ is an ideal start to develop your employees and can be run in a lunchtime or part of a team building day.

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