Want to Reduce Employee Stress and Anxiety, Here’s a Refreshing Idea

Want to Reduce Employee Stress and Anxiety, Here’s a Refreshing Idea

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Training in BusinessThe average cost of absence per employee is £975 (2012 QBE white paper) so it’s not surprising that employers are looking for fresh ideas to reduce the time employees spend off sick.

30% of long term absence is due to mental health conditions, particularly stress and anxiety which are on the increase. The expectations we have of ourselves in todays society and the speed at which things change are catalysts to mental health conditions.

So a focus on employees mental health before they go off sick and in getting them back into work is something that can’t be ignored.

Building an individuals confidence and self-esteem has been shown to help reduce their levels of stress and anxiety which also has a knock on effect to reducing absence due to musculoskeletal problems, relationship and personal issues.

Most businesses put a focus on skills training but don’t put as much effort into understanding the causes of their employees lack of confidence or in empowering them to build that confidence.

Here are some ideas you could explore to support your employees;

  • Use the three A’s of Appreciation (thank them for their contribution), Approval (praise them for specific contribution) and Attention (actively listen to their opinions)
  • Explain the importance of confidence along with competence in achieving success
  • Empower them by exploring the ethos that they have a choice to build their own confidence and tips and techniques to achieve it
  • Coach them to work through their limiting beliefs about themselves that are causing the self doubt
  • Coach them to create coping strategies to avoid anxiety and stress

Do you have any other ideas to add? Have you or an employee struggled with lack of confidence or self doubt? I would love to read your comments.

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Want to Reduce Employee Stress and Anxiety, Here’s a Refreshing Idea

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